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Services Completion Time Rate
Line Editing 2-4 Weeks $0.012/word - $0.015/word
Developmental Editing 2-4 Weeks $0.015/word - $0.017/word
Proofreading 1-3 Weeks $0.009/word - $0.011/word
Comic Books (Script or Art Editing) 1-2 Weeks $1.50/comic page
Other Services As requested Depending on service

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Brandon is the founder of Affordable Editors, LLC. He specializes in editing sci-fi/fantasy novels, nonfiction and comic books, but loves branching out into other genres as well.

Brandon has an eye for detail, refined through his current work as a corporate attorney, his role as a lead articles editor on his school's law review, and his work at the Utah Supreme Court. He has also published extensively in scholarly journals on a number of topics, from copyright law to digital privacy.

Despite all of his legal training (or perhaps because of it), Brandon's real love is reading anything and everything. This eventually led him to start down the path as an independent editor. Brandon has a passion for editing and loves contributing to the literature of the world.

Recent Work

Other Editing Work

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